Hello! My name is Jyothi – I’m an allergy doctor and live in Chicago. I’ve experimented with being vegetarian and vegan since I was a teenager. I prefer to eat minimally processed and plant based food whenever possible. Eating this way has helped me stay healthy and be more conscious of animal welfare and our environment. As a physician, I see how much diet affects health and hope to help people make healthier food choices. My love for plant based food and cooking inspired me to start blogging. It also inspired me to incorporate cruelty free products, clothes, and accessories into my lifestyle – I love sharing these finds as well! All of the recipes in this blog are plant based and some are gluten free. I also include some inspiring recipes from my travels, friends, family, and from local chefs. In case you like to keep track, the approximate calories per serving are provided for most of my recipes. I believe wellness starts in the kitchen. The word “epicurean” refers to enjoying food. This is exactly what my blog is about!



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